Standards provide a model to follow in setting up and operating a system.  This model incorporated all the features on which experts in the field have reached a consensus as being “state of the art”.  Many standards have been adopted by countries around the world making it an “international state of the art” document.

Hutton & Associates specializes in three of the standards.  They are:


Hutton & Associates

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Specialists


This is an international standard on business management, also known as the “quality standard”.   This standard began in 1984 and a quality standard and undergoes a review and updating every 5 years by the International Standards Organization in consultation with all member countries.  At present there are over 180 countries who have adopted this standard.  For more detail
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Accreditation - S-A-01:2017

This is a standard adopted by Measurement Canada used to authorize companies to perform inspections on behalf of Measurement Canada.  The current version is S-A-01:2017 which is based on ISO9001:2015 with some additional requirements.  For more detail 
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Health Care Accreditation

Organizations that accredit health care services utilize standards specific to health care services and programs when determining if these services meet accreditation requirements.  In many countries, government funding is contingent upon acquiring and maintaining accredited status.   In order to meet accreditation requirements, organizations must demonstrate that a number of standards processes are in place. Hutton and Associates assist organizations to develop, implement and utilize these processes in support of a successful accreditation application. Specific organizationalprocesses are described in more depth on this site.  For more detail 
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The separate standards are described in more depth on this site.