Quality Manual Assembly 

While there is no standard requirement for manual format, a style using a  standard approach that is common can streamline the certification process.  

Individually, manual production, interpreting the standard as it pertains to the company, documenting the processes, and formatting the manuals are not difficult.  

Collectively, however, the research, preparation and commitment required to complete the manuals is not usually an efficient use of company resources.  Often additional time and resources are spent in a trial and error process of manual development.

Hutton & Associates interprets the pertinent standard to reflect your company’s process and develops your quality manual with you.


An important part of developing the manuals and becoming certified/registered is the audit process. 

Internal audits are an important part of all Standards processes and must be documented and implemented prior to requesting a certification audit.  

The certification audit is performed by a third party team and can be fairly costly.  

The methodology to be used in performing the internal audit is documented by Hutton & Associates who also take part in a final internal audit which duplicates the certification audit.  

Discovery of issues or nonconformances through this audit, saves time and money at the time of the certification audit.


Quality Improvements processes are a collection of requirements that enhance a company’s opportunity for Success.  

All are based on common sense.  Understanding the process, however, is not as simple a concept to apply by personnel who are not familiar with the intent or language.  

Training by Hutton & Associates provides the company’s personnel with a thorough understanding of what is required as well as the questions the auditors will be posing during an audit.  

Training takes two forms.  Initially  a quality indoctrination is presented to provide an overview of the rationale for a quality system and the benefits that can be gained.  

Secondly, general training is accomplished through day to day experience working with the quality processes being established.

Full Process 

As explained above, using company personnel to format and compose manuals may not be an efficient use of resources. 

The same is true of managing the implementation of a quality system within a company.  Research must be done by personnel not familiar with the requirements and reasons for ISO9000, and the results may not be as efficient or effective as those completed by a consultant who specializes in quality.

Hutton & Associates will document the processes of the company and then ensure that personnel are knowledgeable and comfortable with the procedures prior to the audit.

This involvement will result in certification achievement in a much shorter time period.


Hutton & Associates

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Specialists