Organizational Processes

Strategic Plan
A Strategic Plan clearly identifies an organization’s direction and provides a model for identifying priorities and aligns the work of the organization towards its vision.

Operational Plan
The Operational Plan identifies the activities to be undertaken to achieve the objectives and goals of the Strategic Plan


Hutton & Associates

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Specialists

Risk Management Plan
A Risk Management process identifies, assesses, controls and evaluates the impact of the organization's risk issues.  This process also includes staff training to raise awareness of risk issues and management of monitoring and reporting.
Quality Improvement Plan
Utilizing a process of monitoring program outcomes, the Quality Improvement Plan identifies quality improvement areas and  monitors progress and achievement of improvement goals. 

Disaster and Emergency Plan
Through a process of identifying the potential risk of an emergency or disaster, the organization defines how it will manage it’s response in cooperation with it’s  community partners and identifies relevant responsibilities.

Communication Plan
The most common area for improvement in any organization is the need to establish and implement a Communication Plan. This process establishes how the organization will share information internally with its staff as well as externally with its community and partners.

Client Satisfaction Assessment
In order to assess the satisfaction of clients with the organization’s services, an assessment process is developed as a measure of quality which contributes to the Quality Improvement Plan.

Education Plan
An educational needs assessment for staff assists the organization to identify learning needs in support of developing a prioritized   educational plan

Community Needs Assessment
In order to most effectively utilize organizational resources, a community needs assessment identifies which needs are not being met so that your organization can identify how your resources can best be utilized in conjunction with community partners, to best serve your community.

Readiness Assessment
Hutton and Associates will utilize a standardized system to review processes in your organization and provide you with consultation to identify and address outstanding issues in preparation for accreditation.