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Accreditation is a voluntary program that authorizes qualifying organizations to perform inspections on behalf of Measurement Canada.  Measurement Canada is an agency of Industry Canada whose mission is to ensure equity and accuracy where goods and services are bought and sold.  A qualifying company can then perform the final inspection process and attach an identifying seal/sticker on a measurement device which allows it to be used in the measurement of the commodity.  The accreditation status has been in force in Canada since 1982, for Electricity and Gas and since approximately 1996 for Weights and Measures.

The present Measurement Canada Accreditation Standard, S-A-01:2017, uses ISO9001:2015 as it’s foundation, adds further requirements to ensure that all legal requirements (regulatory) requirements are met and exempts certain ISO9001 requirements.   Any company that is presently certified to ISO9001:2015 is well positioned to be accredited by Measurement Canada and, any company accredited to S-A-01:2017 is also well positioned to be certified to ISO9001.

In the case of Accreditation, Measurement Canada acts as the “registrar” who performs the initial and subsequent surveillance audits so that the Accreditation status can be maintained.